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Hooké Patagonia

Adventure fly fishing

GEOBASS: Botswana

Multiple hippo attacks and elephant roadblocks can’t stop the crew on a far-flung trip seeking giant golden bass of Botswana.

Native Brooke Trout

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The Reasonable Art of Fly Fishing

One of the best acid tests of an introductory book, is that the text allows the reader to learn an important skill independent of the illustrations. Fly casting is very difficult to teach in person, and even more so in print, yet this book contains the best, the most interesting, and the most effective introduction of fly casting I have ever read. I think Terry puts the emphasis in the right places; he doesn't neglect entomology, but he devotes twice as many words to trout behavior, a far more interesting and useful pastime if you must introduce a scientific bent into your fishing.


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Deerfield River Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout – And we were there, in the mountains.

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Deerfield River Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout – And we were there, in the mountains.

In the second installment of our Autumn series we spent a couple of days camping on the Deerfield River in the Berkshires. The first day brought unrelenting rain and general dreariness. We made a feeble attempt at chucking streamers to semi entheused fish, and managed to pick up a few here and there, but there was an itch that still desperately needed to be scratched. Suddenly, as if the dry fly gods themselves had spoken, the sky parted and the sun came over the mountain tops. As the late afternoon shifted into evening, Isonychia the size of Apache helicopters started dive-bombing the gin clear waters. The fish responded, as did we, and it turned into a trip to remember.

Camera/edit: Chase Bartee
Additional camera: Aimee Savard
Music: Odetta Sings Folk Songs-900 Miles, Jackson C. Frank-Milk and Honey, Songs: Ohia-Farewell Transmission

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BUCKNASTY BROWNS – Official F3T Teaser

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Last June, the Montana Wild crew was thirsty for some fly fishing. Black bear season was over but spring run-off most certainly was not, leaving few options for clear waters around Missoula. Zack, Travis and Sam decided to make the haul from Western Montana down to Eastern Oregon and check out a tiny, mysterious tailwater in the desert. This film is about a fly-flinging good time chasing some bucknasty brown trout who like to eat mice almost as much as mayflies. Look for it in the 2015 F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour!