Our target were big, predatory brown trout.

Hooké Patagonia

Adventure fly fishing

GEOBASS: Botswana

Multiple hippo attacks and elephant roadblocks can’t stop the crew on a far-flung trip seeking giant golden bass of Botswana.

Native Brooke Trout

Featured Clip

The Reasonable Art of Fly Fishing

One of the best acid tests of an introductory book, is that the text allows the reader to learn an important skill independent of the illustrations. Fly casting is very difficult to teach in person, and even more so in print, yet this book contains the best, the most interesting, and the most effective introduction of fly casting I have ever read. I think Terry puts the emphasis in the right places; he doesn't neglect entomology, but he devotes twice as many words to trout behavior, a far more interesting and useful pastime if you must introduce a scientific bent into your fishing.


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Cold Dry: Winter Dry Fly Fishing

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Winter Dry Fly Fishing in Colorado isn’t limited to tailwaters and the tying bench. There are spring creeks in the Centennial State. Spring creeks that hold their fair share of brown trout. Tanner Smith and his dog Gus had a day on one of those spring creeks. Enjoy!


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Three anglers in New Zealand

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Some years ago we went to New Zealand for a trip of our lifetime. Everything was perfect in theory. We had lot´s of time, we were seven friends and we though we had a pretty good idea of where to find some big trout. However, the plan didn’t work. This is some random footage of three of the fellows. You might need to activate the subs in order to understand anything but I can’t guarantee that you will have a clue what they’re talking about anyhow.
Read more: frontsidefly.com

Quebec – Hooké : Lac Du Mâle

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Follow Derek and Fred as they embark on their first of many adventures traveling to remote locations in Northern Quebec. This time, they accessed by bush planes to what seemed like an endless reservoir, a giant natural haven home of monster pike. Their first expedition takes place on the Gouin reservoir at Lac du Mâle. Thanks to Quebec Outfitters and Norman from Air Mont-Laurier for making this trip happen.

Somewhere in Slovenia

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Me and Emilie went to Slovenia in may 2015 for a couple of days of sight fishing. The first thing I realized when we arrived was that I had forgot the hot shoe adapter for the tripod which made it useless. So there we were, no stabilization for the camera and tough fishing conditions due to the weather. However, we managed to hook some trout with help from the best guide out there – Matt Calderano.

I tried to make a story from the footage we got from the trip and it’s the first time ever that I have tried to narrate one. So please have mercy on me. Read more at: frontsidefly.com

You might need subs. Just enable them in the CC button in the player.

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